The pressure of making sure you are meeting Health and Safety obligations and the Equality Act requirements can be stressful for business owners/managers. Yet a business with a proactive wellbeing strategy and effective people management, is proven to be more successful and productive. We understand that keeping your workforce happy and healthy is essential to your business success. If there are situations where people are absent, making sure they are supported and return to work quickly is also essential.

Our Occupational Health support package provides fast and efficient response times for Occupational Health Assessments, including face-to-face appointments with experienced practitioners and professional counsellors who provide advice and guidance to support employee recovery, performance and productivity.

We provide wellbeing support services such as mediation, life coaching, bereavement counselling and stress management, working with you to maintain a happy, healthy workforce.

What makes us unique

  • Direct access to an independent doctor or nurse practitioner
  • Access to a range of wellbeing specialists including counsellors, mediators, life coaches, CBT and NLP therapists
  • Appointments available onsite or at an independent location
  • Pre-employment health checks for potential new recruits
  • Face-to-face or telephone appointments for employees scheduled within 5 working days of receipt
  • Report issued within 5 working days of the appointment
  • Secure online portal system to upload referrals and receive reports
  • Management advice by an HR professional
  • Template for reports to ensure all relevant questions from management are responded to.

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What our clients say

We take delight in receiving feedback from our clients. Here’s what they had to say.

HR is a minefield. Monitoring everything is difficult and my time needs to be spent developing the business. I love the way FusionHR work and I’ve just extended my contract to include all administration work as well as HR support. They provide really good practical advice and nothing is too much trouble. They present me with a solution not an issue. They’re always quick to respond and for me it is a huge relief to be able to hand everything over and be confident that it will all get sorted, absence management, contracts and occupational support.

– Andy Allman, Managing Director, HPE Process Limited