We understand that poor staff attendance can have a major impact on your school, in terms of performance and continuity of teaching. With so many triggers to look at, identifying trends and reducing absences can seem impossible. We’ve used our experience in education to develop SAM especially for schools and we know it can help you reduce absence and improve standards.

Based on an average 40% reduction in absence, SAM can help an average secondary school save up to £54,526*. To work out your potential cost savings use our calculator. It can save time and money, reducing supply costs, occupational health referrals and improving educational standards.

Using SAM, your school will be able to:

  • Automate the initial checks of staff hitting triggers
  • Reduce the risk of missing staff who have hit a trigger
  • Reduce the potential risk of discrimination claims
  • Reduce admin time tracking absences
  • Report on absences by type/employee/terms/years
  • Maintain a complete case management file, helping to keep track of meetings
  • Sickness documentation and occupational health referrals
  • Keep track of absence trends such as stress, helping to identify issues early
  • Reduce supply costs which can be better reinvested elsewhere

*Absence figures are based on the CIPD Absence Management Annual Survey Report published November 2016, look at our calculator for more information. Average reduction in absence days of 40% taken from Autumn and Spring term results across 10 schools who have effectively used SAM since Sept 2015.

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For more information about SAM go to our dedicated website staffabsencemanagement.co.uk or request an information pack.

We provide a free no-obligation demonstration of the system on an individual basis or as a small group and it only takes 20-30 mins. Contact us to book a demo.

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What our clients say

We take delight in receiving feedback from our clients. Here’s what they had to say.

SAM is a great tool for tracking our staff absences. Over the last few months, as a result of using SAM, we have been able to highlight key areas and departments that were underperforming for specific reasons and take the necessary action to make improvements. SAM highlights the trends for you, provides all the employee information in one place and gives you the right absence management documentation to complete the tasks. Overall it meant we got staff back to work quicker, staff morale improved and absence costs were reduced. I couldn’t be happier.

– Sandra Barrett, Business Manager, Princeville Primary School